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  My name is Amanda  ,I love JESUS, I love cats >^.^< , I love my friends and I want to make new friends! I love serve Jesus, because He is Wonderful...
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Jesus Culture-Chris Quilalahttp://www.jesusculture.com/ Hillsonghttp://hillsong.com/ Kim Walkerhttp://onlyloveremains.com/
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Xena/ Gray's anatomy/ Friends/ Verônica Marsh(an adolescent spy)/ CSI- Miami/ Cold Case/ Dr. House/ SupernaturalLipstick jungle

Welcome to my profiler!!!

My favorite actress and actors

Renne O'connor

Lucy Lawless

Lord in my life!!!


When it close the eyes and I raise my thoughts the God, I can not see the person who is my right or my left, however extraordinariest happens, I can contemplate the sky, but I see as it when I am not with my opened eyes, of closed eyes I can see it for the side of inside, and is simply wonderful!

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Lord in my life!!!

JESUS said: You come me, all the ones that tired and oppressed stays, and I will alliviate to you. You take on you my yoke, and learn of me, that I am tame and humble of heart; e you will find rest for your souls. Because my yoke is soft and my pack is light.
                                                                         Matheu 11:28 - 30

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